Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last of the 2012 Round Robin Blocks

Well, the 18 month 2012 Round Robin came to an end yesterday. Whew, I was starting to get behind and more than ready for this thing to end. LOL!

I had so much going on, that I was getting burnt out. However, now that all projects are completed, I'm going full steam ahead on a new project. Something for a friend that is going to be filled with love, as I'll be remembering all the crazy times we have had together, as I stitch.

But, that is for later. Today, I'm posting the blocks I finished for the Round Robin. Here are the final 3 blocks.

Marci's block : She made 20 blocks so that her blocks would make an underwater scene, with light blue and the top, med blue in the middle and of course, the dark blue at the bottom. Very effective.
My block was at the top, second row actually.

Full Block

Fish close-up

Jelly fish close-up

Seaweed raft & fish school close-up

I purchased some turtle charms, painted and clear coated them, so that I could have baby sea turtles. LOL!  I think they came out pretty good.  These are things that are found in the higher levels of the sea.
Next is Kerri's block: Kerri was working with black, cream, gold and brown fabrics and wanted all the embellishments to be in earth tones. So, I pulled all of the beads and fibers I had in earth tones, and this is what I came up with.
Full block:
Dragonfly & Flower close-up:

Wheat and flowers close-up:

Mr. Spider, here's your close-up:

And lastly, but the biggest of the three, is Pattie's block. Patty's theme was Knights in shining armor. So, I started looking for Medieval embroidery designs and items to complement the block's theme.
Full block:
Upper Left Corner Close-up:

Upper Right Corner close-up:
Center of block close-up:

Lower left corner close-up (my monogram):

Lower right corner close-up:
So, now that the hectic time in my life is over, I'm going to sit back and do some slow easy stitching. And, I'm going to enjoy ever boring moment of this time. LOL!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another year another project

Well, I made it to the end or start of another year. I finished the project I was working on with Stitchmap, and now I'm working on a sew-a-long with SewSheCan, which is a blogger of sane quilts, but the past two weeks have been a Crazy Quilt block, so I thought I'd join in the fun. LOL!

This is the block I'm working on for SewCanShe:

Think I'm going to make it into a thread keep for a friend of mine. Speaking of thread keeps, here is the set I made in the Stitchmap class.
A nice Thread Keep, a Needle Keep and a pincushion. The class required particular items to be added to the projects, but I had a choice with the stitching and beading. Turned out really nicely, I think.
Here is a picture of the Thread Keep laid out flat so you can see the entire block:
I really like the Lady motif and my spider. (Smiling) And I'm pleased with the fabric choices I made. I hope everyone else like it too.