Monday, June 17, 2013

May Arts Ribbons - Nautical Craft Challange

Well, today they posted the entries for the Nautical Craft Challenge by May Arts Ribbon.  I worked a long time on mine, but it is unlike any of the other projects. LOL!

There are some really lovely items, so great ideas as well. We will see who wins, but my bet is on the Ship Ahoy memory box.

For this challenge, I chose the 1/2" Woven Chevron Wire Ribbon - White for the Sails, 1/4" blue with white diagonal stripe for the accent on Ship. Used the 2" satin edge ribbon for the Ship's Hull and the Burlap cord for the wood posts and masts.

Here are pictures to show how it was done.

The 16 1/2" block was pieced on Muslin, Sky above, ocean below. The ship's hull has already been added.

Then I added the poles and masts on the ship made from the burlap cord.

The Sails were a little tricky, as some had to look like they were rolled and others fully unfurled.  I cut the wire woven chevron ribbon to the lengths I wanted, and stitched 4-5 sections together. I rolled the Sails over the Mast poles and stitched to the burlap cord.  Bottom three were partially rolled and the others were left unfurled. I curved the ribbon with my fingers, to make them look like they were billowed from the wind.

After adding the sails, I concentrated on the ocean floor. I used #8 Perle Cotton in various colors for the coral under the water and the birds in the sky.  With a section of sheer rayon fabric in ocean colors, I stitched the fabric down with perle cotton and added curved stitching for waves and added 11/0 white seed beads, for the foam.

Used a beach/ocean themed  fabric for the backing and binding. Then added sleeve for hanging. Here is the result.

If you want to see the other entries, you can click on the link below. Enjoy!

Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Been too Long!

I decided that it has been far too long since my last post. I need to find time at least once a week, to sit down in front of the computer and just say what has been going on.  Yea, like I'm going to remember that one!

Anyway, I have been busy working on projects, and I am able to show you the completed item I have made for a CQ friend of mine.

Some of you have already seen it, but maybe there are those that have not, so, here it is.

A Thread and Ribbon Roll for my CQ Friend's fancy threads and all that silk ribbon.

This is the outside of the Roll. I used two cotton fabrics with the lovely pink designs, and accented them with blue and gray solid satins. The pink is a nice crape.

I hand stitched and beaded the dragonfly and seams. The lovely flower Motif, is something I got from NickiLee at her hand dyed laces are beautiful and I love every piece and it has become hard to use them for something that is going to leave me. LOL!

This pattern is from a class I took on StitchMap and I modified it by adding the entire Silk Ribbon side.  If you want this pattern, I suggest that you take the Beginner's Crazy Quilt Class. You will finish the course with not only the completed Thread Roll, but also a Needle book and a pincushion. Not to shabby for Free. LOL!

After you unroll the thread/ribbon roll, it looks like this on the inside. I did an inside cover, so that the beads and stitching would not snag on the threads.
This is the thread side of the Inside portion of the Roll. I used small plastic rings that I purchased at Joann's.  I used some of my own thread to show how it all works.


 Ok, this is the portion that I added to the original pattern. I had some Keychain rings and thought they would be great to hold the ribbon. I left the tag on the ribbon because, when I get to a point where I have to buy new, I want to know what to order. My memory is not good enough to remember all the colors and where I purchased the ribbon.

All right! Now that you have see the Roll, this is what it looks like when you get ready to go to that next retreat. Threads and Ribbons all rolled up and ready to travel.