Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Busy Month

Well, it has been one busy month for me. I have worked on and finished two Snowballs for CQI and had a lot of fun with these.

This is Nicki Lee's Snowball: Ocean theme

Lots of waves, fish, coral, seahorse and a sand dollar in the water. Oh yes! Lets not forget the lovely octopus. LOL!

Ruby's Snowball is next.  She wanted romance.



I started with the lovely couple in the center, sitting in the middle of a patch of flowers. It just took off from there. I added (in a cast on stitch) some Purple and Yellow pansies in the lower right pink portion, but they are really small and hard to see.
I went to a wonderful CQ Sit-n-stitch in O'Fallon, Il in late June and then two weeks later, I was in Oklahoma City, OK for a lovely Retreat with Sherrill Lewis of the Bead Ranch. I have worked on a purse challenge for CQI (which I cannot show, because the voting has yet to start).
Finally, I picked up my Needle Tatting again, and have been having the time of my life. Why I quit, I don't know. But I'm going to town and have even starting putting beads into the work.
Here are some examples:
This is the Valentine Heart from a book by Tina Newdorf for Handy Hands, Inc. The book is titled Needle Tatting From the Heart.
This is the little 2"x2" Christmas Wreath, and I have added beads to the pattern. I've added 10 of them to my Etsy Shop:
Next are pictures of two hearts. This is the same pattern, just different threads, one Red and one variegated  white/purple.  These hearts measure 2 1/4" x 2 1/2". I do not have the hearts at my Etsy shop at this time.

Now, I must work on two more Snowballs and put together my RR Quilt for the Nighttime Needlers' Quilt Show in September in Kansas City, MO.   Well, that's it! I need to get everything completed by September, so I will be able to attend the CQI Retreat in September as well.  So, it's Back to Work!  LOL! I love it!