Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well, you know I've been working on a color class, and I have gotten to a point where I'm starting to use threads to make examples for the class.  I love stitching, and I'm happy to have gotten to this point.

I'm posting the stitching of flowers I have stitched to meet the class requirement. I was to stitch one design in Cool colors of the color wheel, one using the Warm colors and the third using both warm and cool colors.

I chose cross stitch flowers. I struggled to get a good picture, until I though about the magnifying glass I use to stitch the the flowers on 28 count linen.  I think I liked the way they came out.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I've been working on a color class and I've made some interesting finds. I find that I am reevaluating the colors in my stash.  I find that I am lacking in some color values while I have an abundance of other colors.
I'm discovering that I, and probably most others, prefer to work with colors we like and shy away from those that are too intense or that we don't care to have around us.

So, during this class, I've decided to add some different colors to my stash, like adding more yellows, oranges and greens to my stash. While I do that, I'm also looking for more high intensity fabrics, as I tend to lean toward the cool and/or pastel colors. I'm thinking this will add variety and maybe some interesting things will come from this change.  

I am really enjoying this class and I would encourage any Crazy Quilter or Needlework individual to check out the StitchMap Yahoo Group. Their link is on the right of this post.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

As you can see from the above picture, I love a good picture of a lovely lady and like to make BOHO bags.  I've made three, and have started on a fourth.

This was my first and is mine. I started with the photo and when from there.

My husbands sister-in-law saw a picture of my bag and wanted one. She has gone through treatment for breast cancer twice. How do you turn down someone like that? You don't. So, I found out she likes blue and purple and butterflies. I added a pink ribbon charm for her as well.

She cried when it was given to her. I love her so much!

I also worked on a Steampunk bag at a Sit-&-stitch. I was really enjoying this project and ladies kept stopping by to see how it was comming along. However, everytime someone stoped, the lady sitting next to me told them it was her bag.  It became a joke. Someone would stop and look and she say, "Mine"!
Well, I finished the bag and my stitching friend asked what I wanted for the bag. Thinking she was joking, I gave her a price. The next morning, she gave me the money and walked away with the bag. I couldn't believe it. It is the first item I have sold and I was pleased and stunned at the same time.

The body of the bag is micro suede. After the week end ended, I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home. He asked if I had finished the bag and I confirmed that I had. He said "I can't wait to see it". I told him he was going to have to rely on photos, because it had been purchased. I told him "I didn't even get out of the building with it!"  He laughed and said, "I told you you were good."
I'm still surprised by the situation, but pleased that someone liked the item enough to purchase it from me.

A closer look:

I digital print I designed from multiple items, some ribbon embroidered roses on Irish Lace, beading, tatting as well as Silk Ribbon Embroidered and beaded Sequin waste. I also added a copper chain at the top with a little copper bell. You really want to know if someone picks up your purse. LOL! 

I belong to a Crazy Quilt group with 20 wonderful women. We have a lot of fun together. Lots of stitching, laughing and talking.  But most of all, we help one another. We have some individuals who are new to the group and it has been fun helping them learn about this craft and watching them grow in their technique and confidence.
We started a Round Robin in January 2012 with 14 participants. Each participant made a block for each individual in the RR. Yes, I made 14 CQ blocks for this RR. Each month, the blocks are passed to another person in the RR and they complete the entire block.

So far, I have finished and turned in the following blocks:

My Example block for my packet of blocks. Each a different mermaid.
I added the Shibori Ribbon as fins and tail.

Lisa wanted hidden gardens. So, I did a bunny hiding under the flowers eating lettuce, while sitting in the strawberry patch. Lisa asked that we hide our name on the block. My name is in the strawberries.

OK! I'll give you a closer look.

Jackie wanted a block built around the ribbon flowers she made for the center. So, I added some leaves to the roses, placed them in the center and then let my imagination run with what I thought Jackie would like to have on her block.

Next was Hazel. She is new and had lots of Velvet. So guess what her block was made of.  Yep! All velvet. Oh I struggled with this fabric.

However, she wants to combine her blocks into a lap quilt, so that she can enjoy it's warmth while stitching durning the winter months.  My thought was to give her a garden to enjoy each winter.

The way the block was pieced made me think of two planters on a patio. Ta da!  I enjoyed working on this block (even with all the velvet). LOL! Topiaries are made from #5 perle varigated cotton. The bench is satin Rat Tail and the patio stones are oval beads. Hazel says she's going to frame it. I'm glad she likes it.

I did not get a pictur of Victoria's finished block, but I have one while I was working on the block. Victoria wanted a block about hot air balloons. It made me think of the balloons in the Phenix AZ.  I found a cabochon for the character of the balloon, and it just went from there.

I'll post a picture of the final block next month after our CQ meeting.

This last month I have been working on Gwen's block. She chose one of my favorite projects, under the sea. The fabric in the center was a batik with a fish print, so I embellished the fish with satin stitch and french knots. She also wanted different stitching on the seams, so I pulled out a book and gave her the following:  Lower Right - pearl stitch on seam, Back stitch spider web
Lower Left - Interlaced Band stitch in white/pink/blue threads

Above the fish print - A beaded Hedebo Edge (I thought it looked like waves)
Upper Left - Herringbone Ladder Filling stitch
Upper Right - Deerfield Herringbone stitch

Here's a closer look at the center of the block and the sea floor.

Well, that finished up for today. Hope everyone enjoyed the eye candy. Stay safe!