Saturday, August 4, 2012

As you can see from the above picture, I love a good picture of a lovely lady and like to make BOHO bags.  I've made three, and have started on a fourth.

This was my first and is mine. I started with the photo and when from there.

My husbands sister-in-law saw a picture of my bag and wanted one. She has gone through treatment for breast cancer twice. How do you turn down someone like that? You don't. So, I found out she likes blue and purple and butterflies. I added a pink ribbon charm for her as well.

She cried when it was given to her. I love her so much!

I also worked on a Steampunk bag at a Sit-&-stitch. I was really enjoying this project and ladies kept stopping by to see how it was comming along. However, everytime someone stoped, the lady sitting next to me told them it was her bag.  It became a joke. Someone would stop and look and she say, "Mine"!
Well, I finished the bag and my stitching friend asked what I wanted for the bag. Thinking she was joking, I gave her a price. The next morning, she gave me the money and walked away with the bag. I couldn't believe it. It is the first item I have sold and I was pleased and stunned at the same time.

The body of the bag is micro suede. After the week end ended, I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home. He asked if I had finished the bag and I confirmed that I had. He said "I can't wait to see it". I told him he was going to have to rely on photos, because it had been purchased. I told him "I didn't even get out of the building with it!"  He laughed and said, "I told you you were good."
I'm still surprised by the situation, but pleased that someone liked the item enough to purchase it from me.

A closer look:

I digital print I designed from multiple items, some ribbon embroidered roses on Irish Lace, beading, tatting as well as Silk Ribbon Embroidered and beaded Sequin waste. I also added a copper chain at the top with a little copper bell. You really want to know if someone picks up your purse. LOL! 


  1. I am proud to say that "I am you first follower!". Your work is lovely! I'm also envious that you have a group of ladies to stitch very fortunate! Hope to see you blog more about your projects...I've enjoyed looking at all of the photos and reading about your process.

  2. Lovely work, Elizabeth! I so enjoyed the eye candy!

  3. ohhhhh I love your purses! The one you kept for yourself is devine and so girly pretty! All 3 of them are gorgouse and you should be so proud!