Saturday, August 31, 2013

Visitors today

I was sitting at my computer this morning and saw the most wonderful sight out the window.  You see, my desk is in my Studio and faces the window to the back yard. This way I get to see all the goings on in the woods behind the house.

My visitors were unexpected, but not unwelcome. And it was refreshing to see the little ones with Mom.

I believe that this is Mom with last years daughter and this year's twins.

Here you can see the difference in the size of the Doe.
Cute as a button!

A 1/2 hour of fun and serenity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CQI Purse Challenge

Well, I took the time to make a purse for the Crazy Quilt International Purse Challenge. No, I couldn't say anything or post pictures prior to the membership vote.  However, now that the voting is over and the winner has been named, I can let you see my purse.

The winner was Cathy Kizarian with a beautiful Blue & Green purse with Pink and Purple embellishments. You'll have to go to the CQI Blog to see the photos.

I was fourth, but I love my purse and I went Steam punk!

I used a Creamy beige upholstery fabric with a blue diamond design and the used beige, copper and blue satin fabrics in a chevron design.  I tatted the Copper Motif on the upper right side of the purse. I also braided the leather strap with 3 different colors of leather strips and then hand beaded the strap as well.  The challenge was to be judged on construction, so I went all out.  I loved every minute I spent on this project.

Here are some close up pictures. Hope you like.

Back of bag (micro suede) and  shoulder strap.

Close up of the Center Front - Notice the CQ outfit of the Lady in the Picture! 
I did the photo by combining several portions of character & PNG items to the background.
Lower Center Motif and Silk Ribbon Embroidery
I used an Alligator clasp and satin Rat Tail string for the clasp of the purse

Close up of Right side of front with Metal flower, Silk Ribbon Floral design, Beaded Blue Ric Rac and the Color combination of fabrics.  
My hand Tatted Circular Motif with light green beads, a metallic trim of blue & gold, that I beaded, so that it looks like dragonflies. I took a velvet ric rac, and beaded it with copper heart beads. 
The final picture is of the Shoulder strap and how I braided it and added the beading.