Sunday, April 7, 2013

42 Years!

That's right, no stitching today. I spent the day with my DH and we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.

We have a lot of fun together and talk about everything. No secrets here! Since we never had children, all we had to work on was the relationship and plans for life and retirement. Like everyone else, we have had our ups and downs, but WHAT A RIDE!

I'm so happy with this man and Love him dearly. He has fought an Alcohol addiction and has been sober for 27 years. He went to collage at 45 and got his Mechanical Engineering Degree after 5 years of intense studies. Yep, it takes that long to get the degree. LOL!

I just can't tell you how proud of him I am and how much in love with him I am.  The love of my life and the one I am growing old with, sitting right next to me.

It has been a wonderful day.  


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Wow, 42 years! Yay! Here's to many, many more happy years together.

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to two people who "made it work". Good for you. I will be married 54 this summer.


  3. Happy 42nd anniversary. May your love continue to grow each and every day. You've got a strong relationship and that's great.

    I lost my dear husband in December, we were married 43 years. We also had no children and I miss him terribly, but I do know he's with God and that is something for me to celebrate. It's just 4 months today and I keep falling more in love with him each and every new day that I am blessed with. I am looking forward to our reunion whenever that may be.

    Again, congrats on your 42 years together, I think it's wonderful!!


    P.S. I found you through NickiLee's blog Raviolee Dreams.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!! How wonderful that you have been together this long and are still so much in love. My parents will celebrate their 62nd this year and next week (18th) I will celebrate my 9th. and Lorraine - 43! wonderful years together - WOW! I know the joy of being madly in love with your soul mate .... we are all very lucky ladies to have found such a bond with another person.

  5. What a fantastic success story Lorraine.
    "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"
    Paula in NZ