Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, September has been really hectic and I'm glad that it is almost over.  I know, someone my age should not be glad that anything is over, but What a Month!

I have finished Anne's block for the RR and I'm pleased with the way it came out.  Anne chose the Far East/Asia as her theme, and I love the cultures of that part of the world, so I ran with the theme.

I embroidered the Geisha outline and put flowers on the Kimono, Anne wanted gold on her block, so I added the two gold trims, one with faux pearls and the other with the silver braid. I've gotten to be a Ric Rac person and love working with all colors and types of Ric Rac. This was embellished with a chain sticj with a sequin and blue seed bead on the bottom and placed Hyacinth above the Ric Rac.

The Gold and faux pearl item in the center is an old clip earring. I used a varigated Silk Ribbon for the flowers, which hold the earring in place the faux pearls on gold chain actually drape, but not for this picture.  And then of course, I had to use the Fly stitch to put in the vine of blue flowers.  The flowers a made with two, four wrap Bullion knots.

I'm currently working on Cathy's block and almost completed, so it should be up soon. 

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