Friday, December 7, 2012

Well, I finally finished up on the Redwork Course I've been taking. Although it has taken a little over 6 weeks to complete, I'm happy with the results.  I learned a lot and improved my stitching skills as well as getting something out of this course other than just more knowledge.

I now have a lovely set of Fabric Weights. Take a look! Nice, right?  I took the little Flower and Scroll motif and made a scissor fob. The strawberry was made into an emery for my needles and pins.
I'm pleased with the outcome.  But take a look at the next picture-

You just have to have something to hold those fabric weights. So, we got to make a bag to put them in. I chose the Poppy Motif and tried my hand at some threadwork. I'm pleased with the reslults for a first try on the threadwork. And, I got to use some of my stash. Bonus!! LOL!

Every one of the ladies in this class did beautiful work and I'm happy to have taken part. I learned a lot of new information.  Thanks to the ladies of StitchMap.


  1. ! like the fabric you used on your weight bag. Neat idea for the scissor fob, the weights look great, and nice poppy.

  2. Thank you Suztats! I'm so pleased that you like my items.