Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ready for February

Today is the last day of January 2013 and I for one am glad. I'm ready to start February fresh and ready to go.

It snowed Tuesday night and Wednesday most of the day. Only our second snowfall, and what a nice picture it makes out my studio window. I had to laugh the other day, because I noticed that my Orchid plant has decided to bloom this year.

I bought this plant 4 years ago, and it bloomed twice that first year. My uncle told me to throw it away, because it wouldn't bloom again. Well, I couldn't do that! It's a live plant and I can't intentionally kill it. That's insane! 

So, I've nursed it with food and water, making sure it was warm and had humidity. But until this past weekend, it only put out more feet and grew new leaves. Now it has a nice long stalk and has 5, yes, 5 buds. I can't wait until it blooms. I'm so excited. It's like Spring in the middle of Winter.

I finished up MerriKay's RR block and thought I'd share before taking it to the CQ Meeting this weekend.  MerriKay made all of her blocks using vintage Christmas cards her sister-in-law had given her. So, it is all about Christmas.  I must admit this one was a color challenge for me, as my Christmas colors are Blue and Silver, with a touch of White. So Red and Green seem plain and a little boring to me. Sorry, just can't do it. 

Moving on, I finished the block and here it is:    She wanted a Christmas word or saying, and I took inspiration from the card on the block.

I have to admit that MerriKay did not want large beads, but I couldn't resist attaching the candy in wrappers and the candy cane glass beads I've had for two years, wondering how I was going to use them.

A close up of the top: One of my favorite songs from my childhood. My sister's and I use to sing it every Christmas. A nice memory of simpler and good times. I used silver threads and #15 white seed beads across the top seam and attached a little beaded angel. Thought she'd look nice in the window. LOL!

The Right side:  I worked up the seam with gold thread in a Creton stitch and came back in the opposite direction with a verigated green petit princess perle by Glorianna.  The Gold bows are stitched with two Lazy Daisy Stitches and a Fly Stitch in 24 carte gold thread. The gold charm is a heart with "Merry X-mas" written on the front.

Bottom portion:   I used a size 12 perle cotton in white and red for the peppermint stick along the seam, and the Christmas Spider is on a silver web and was made of a crystal teardrop bead body with a pearl head. Since it is a Christmas spider, I thought it should be more decorative, so I used #15 seed beads on the legs.

Left side:  Ok, this is NOT my design, it is from an Alessandra Adelaide cross stitch pattern I purchased. I did the ornament in an outline stitch and added seed beads. The seam treatment is done in a cotton and metalic thread with Pink/Gold TOHO beads and topped with Gold thread Lazy Daisy stitches.

I hope you like the block. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I think MerriKay will like the block as well.  At least I hope she will.

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