Friday, January 25, 2013

Well, Christmas with family was fun and a happy time. A niece married on the 21st of December and I wish them both a wonderful life together.

But, with the good, there is always the bad. How else would we know when things are going well? LOL! My mother stayed with my sister an extra week, coming home late on January 2, 2013. We had a great time together, as she spent the night at my home. We had lunch together the next day before she traveled the hour home.

She always calls when she arrives home, so I was expecting her call. I was not expecting her to tell me her home had been broken into while we were gone for the holidays.

The police were there and she was checking to see what was missing. Problem was that they carved obscenities on her piano as well as cutting her chair and pulling out the padding.

Jewelry items were taken, including her Class Ring, and my father's WWII medals.

We are just heart sick. This is an 83 year old woman who has always be the sweetest person God put on the earth. Worked hard all her life outside the home before the 60s and raised 6 children.

She was starting to settle into home life, when my father had a massive heart attack and she had to go back to work. He survived and lived another 15 years, but was never able to work again.

It was hard for them to save and what they had was hard earned and only made life a little easier. To think that someone could/would invade her home and take her memories is without reason and unfortunately speaks to the heartless and
callousness of the individual.  This was in a small town, so we know the person knows my mother.
She has neighbors that are keeping an extra eye on her for me, so she feels safe now that things have been fixed. But what a trama it has been.
Ok! I finished with that. Now I'm on to the things that I've been working on to keep my mind occupied.  RR work is going well. I finished Pam's block and now working on Merri Kay's block.  
Pam's blocks have all been about sewing. A fun topic and everyone has been having a great time adding some unconventional items to the block. Here's what I mean. Take a good look at the Pins & Needles potion of my block.
                               Entire Block
                             Pins & Needles - Yep! A real pin and needle.
                              Had to add flowers, my studio faces the garden.
I don't have any pictures of Merri Kay's block yet, but I do have pictures for you of my latest project, a pincushion. It is NOT your everyday pincushion, it also houses my CQ pins, those long silk pins. They needed a special place, so I made a Hobbit House for them. Take a look!
                                Left Window
                              Front of home 
                              Right window
I found the felt in Joann's and I knew it would be perfect. The grass roof is the pincushion. Made from a circular plastic container.
                              Before the work.
 It's been a rough start to the new year, but we are moving on and still creating!


  1. Ooh waht a horrid thing to happen. My heart goes out to you and your mother. Your blocks are all beautiful


  2. I love your hobbit house and stitching!

  3. So sorry to hear of your mothers break in it's horrible that people can be so sick. I hope she is doing better and feeling stronger.