Sunday, February 2, 2014

Now that Holidays are over

With the Holidays over, I received Barbara's blocks for the Lace & Pearls Round Robin (RR) and have been working on the block all of January. Finally finished up the block tonight and decided to share photos.
I figured it was about time I finally got something posted to my blog.  LOL!

Ok, Barbara's blocks are based on a Vintage Silky she has of two bugs walking into the "Lace Shop" operated by Spider & Spider Co. (I'm smiling, because I've seen the Silky and I think it is a cute idea.)

Barbara's Block

I placed the Lace on the upper left corner, right corner with spider, and the brown lace on lower left corner.  Right lower corner has lace that Barbara put on the block. I beaded that lace with pearls and gold seed beads.

On the Upper left lace, which has two types of flowers, is vintage. I cleaned the lace and it suddenly matched the fabric beneath. So, I outlined the leaves and one flower. The upper flower is stitched with Bullion stitches surrounding pearl seed beads. The Treads of the Bullion Stitches and the Foxglove flowers in the Floral Spray, is hand dyed by Loraine. A CQ friend of mine, who has an Etsy shop called Color Compliments. Beautiful hand dyed fibers.

I used Silk Ribbon for my Floral Spray. The yellow/orange, green and purple were hand dyed by Gretchen who owns the Florilegium in Parkville, Missouri. Wonderful woman who has a shop that Crazy Quilters would die for. LOL!  It is wonderful to have something so close to home.

My last picture is of the Spider on the upper right corner of the block. I have to admit, that I enjoy doing cute and special things on blocks for my CQ friends. I decided that since this was for the Spider & Spider Co., who make lace, why not show a spider working. So, that's what I did. Red arrow shows you that the "silk" is coming out the back of the spider, and that she is making the lace on which she clings.   Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoyed the eye candy and picked up some inspiration and information.


  1. Totally love the spider making the lace - what an inspired idea! And the lace piece you chose for it is so perfect and web-like.

  2. I love it! The working spider is a very cute idea.

  3. Forgive me if I ask, Barbara who? There is more than one Barbara out there, and I would love to give credit to the right one. The block is beautiful, and very different (which is hard to do, as there are so many awesome blocks done today), and I love all your embellishments.