Friday, May 23, 2014

Garden & Flowers DYB RR

Another "do your own block" Round Robin. This time, it is all about Gardens & Flowers. What fun! This is the second month, and I finished working on Dana's block, but I should show you the April block, which was for Arlene.

Arlene sent me a lovely block with printed fabrics. Not what I'm used to, but it was fun to try something different.

A little on the sparse side, but Arlene is making a quilt of some 20 blocks, and plans to wash the quilt. I did add some charms, but was afraid to add any beads for fear they would fall off during multiple washings.  

I added the three Vintage laces and the vintage tatting. Because of the red in the upper right corner, I added the red flowers on the tatting circle. Added the basket charm then started adding the Silk Ribbon Roses and other flowers and leaves.

I then added the embroidered scrollwork and charm tools. The silk ribbon flowers were next, followed by the pink rhinestone dragonfly.

The feather stitch vine with lazy daisy leaves and bullion stitch flowers, was added last. I thought I was done, and then I decided to add the Cast-on stitch flowers with black centers and lazy daisy leaves on the vintage lace in the lower left corner. I used a Princess Perle Petite silk thread by Gloriana, the color was #084, Laura's Garden. I thought they came out quite nicely. Ok, that pat on the back was a little much!

Dana's block, which is the May block, just "grabbed" me, and I had to work on it. LOL! The greens were so vivid and exciting.

I started with the two vintage laces and added the roses using a 2mm silk ribbon, as I thought this particular lace looked like a trellis.

The feather stitch vine in a princess perle petite silk with 4mm silk ribbon purple roses and sage green leaves added a color pop.  Speaking of pop, I did the Vivid blue roses with a 4mm turquoise silk ribbon and the same sage green leaves.

Below the turquoise roses was a fabric that has a floral motif, so I used an outline stitch on the motif and placed a 4mm blue rose montees stitched on crystal. Dana likes bling!

Next came the Silver (Japanese silver wrapped silk) thread for the web and added two small white beads for the spider.  The Spider head is a 4mm white Cat's eye bead and a 2mm frosted white bead.  

The Yellow glass flower beads and leaves were added and then came the Dragonfly. I saved that spot on the block just for the dragonfly. Head is the same Cat's eye bead as spider, followed by three 3mm frosted beads, 6 2mm frosted beads and finished off with white seed beads to add length to support the frosted Dagger bead wings.

The Topiary came last. I used my thimble to make a circle, after finding center of circle, added a line for the center trunk and finished with the planter.

I used my favorite thread, the Princess Perle Petite in brown for the three trunks (two twisting around the center), in an outline stitch. The ball is a #12 Perle Cotton with Red Princess Perle Petite Colonial Knots. I seem to have more control over the Colonial knot than I do with the French knot.

The planter is stitched in seed beads and antique gold 4mm Daisy spacer beads.  

That's it, all done. Now I can work on a secret project the last week of May, while I wait for the June RR block, which I think will be Flora's block.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh yes, Dana definitely likes bling! I love the work you have done on my block - it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person :)
    I use colonial knots instead of French knots too - French knots are too prone to doing weird things and not looking like they are supposed to!
    Cheers, Dana.