Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What a Nice Surprise

I have been so busy with different tasks, that I have not had time to Blog. However, my news today was such a surprise, that I just had to let everyone know about my nice little news.

I ordered a 2014 Spring Challenge Kit from Crazy Quilting Supplies. This store is located at , which is owned by a CQ acquaintance, Thearica. I had high hopes for the Challenge and started working out a plan. That's what I did last year too, but never got around to finishing the Challenge. LOL!

Here is the picture of all the supplies in the kit, that had to be used in the project. The kit also included Perle Cotton (4) balls and Silk Ribbon (4) Bobbins, all of which were in Greens, pinks and blues. I knew this was going to be fun.

So, this year I was determined to complete the task. I finally finished the project the day before the deadline date, and started taking pictures.  Emailed the pictures in and kept my fingers crossed for at least top 4.

But I Won First Place in the Experienced category! It is a big deal to me and I'm so happy to have met the challenge and faced my fears and entered the finished project. I'm pleased that the judges thought enough about my work, that the liked my idea and work.  I am thrilled, surprised and over the moon.

Here is the little guy/gal that won for me: I was to create a finished project that reminded me of Spring. Well, to me, nothing says Spring like a Bunny. So I took  the

Close ups of the different parts of Bunny.
Right side of head.

Upper Right Leg (outside)

Inside of Left arm.

Inside of Left Leg.

Inside Left arm

Inside Right Leg 

Inside Left Ear
Left side of Head 

Body Back
 Inside Right Arm
 Outside right Leg
 Outside right arm
Outside right leg

Right side of belly

Right side of Top of Head

Top of Head


  1. Just too darned adorable...beautiful job!

  2. Congratulation your bunny is so cute. And your right nothing says spring like flowers and bunnies.

  3. I hadn't read your blog for awhile to see that you'd won first place for your Spring Bunny, congratulations! Well deserved from the looks of it, you put a ton of effort and imagination into the challenge.

  4. Congratulation your bunny is so cute . specially i like Right side of head. thanks for sharing .
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